In support of Campus Studio, Tbilisi

Campus Studio is an open space for artists, architects and students aiming to introduce and discuss Western and local cultural and visual discourse as well as radical theoretical texts. Campus Studio is also committed to opening its doors not to professionals in the field only but to the local community, both adults and children.
Next to courses and workshops in art, painting, photography, architecture, the space offers film screenings with discussions, international and local performances as well as lectures on radical and marginal (seen from the local context) philosophy.
Since many of the lectures drew between 100 and 150 people Campus Studio used loudspeakers, so that the audience could hear the lecture on the street and in the yard.
During one of the lectures Nietzsche’s quotation ‘God is dead’ could be heard on the streets. This apparently caused some of the neighbors to believe Campus Studio to be a meeting space for satanic gatherings, luring young adults and children.
On November 15 three young adults from the neighborhood interrupted a lecture and one attacked co-founder and director Misha Khundadze with a knife. With serious lung injuries and blood loss, Misha survived after an extensive operation and days in intensive care.

All this happened, once again, in the name of faith and religion. Not only has the Georgian Orthodox Church fueled hatred and ignorance, but the government has been looking away over the past when crimes in the name of Georgian Orthodoxy have been committed, ridiculing the secular aim manifested in the country’s constitution.

Concept and Theory – Tbilisi wishes Misha Khundadze a fast and full recovery and stands in support and solidarity with Campus Studio and its work and commitment fighting for a society that is not blinded by religion or tradition but living in discussion and exchange.

Anyone with ideas and suggestions about a possible space where Campus Studio could relocate to, since despite the shock the team wants to continue its work but sees it impossible in the present location, please contact

Baku, 27.11.2015

Katharina Stadler
founder of Concept and Theory – Tbilisi