Induced Creativity

Induced Creativity

Induced Creativity is a proposition for alliances attempting to reflect on marginal public spaces – geographical and/or artistic/art-scenic similarities/dissimilarities – by dwelling in the collaboration trenches by means of inducing methods, codes for working with each other that might challenge and/or delight us. Through our meetings in Georgia and Iceland we seek inspirations, visual and non-visual presentations and communal conversations.
The project aims for a conceptual conversation and collaboration between participants and the public as to push the question of perception of art in public space, public space itself and our predetermined thinking in the respective peripheral environments as well as to further interrogate the collaborative process.

Participants: Data Chigholashvili, Dali Dardzhaniya & Katharina Stadler [based in Georgia] and Katrín I Jónsdóttir Hjördísardóttir Hirt, Unnar Örn Auðarsson & Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir [based in Iceland]

Project Phase Georgia [Tbilisi]: 25.5. – 5.6.2015
Project Phase Iceland [Seyðisfjörður/Reykjavík]: tba
Publication to be launched: tba

More information on the project here.

The project is initiated by Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir and Katharina Stadler and implemented in collaboration with Concept and Theory – Tbilisi, GeoAIR and Gallery Nectar in Tbilisi, Georgia (May/June 2015) as well as with Skaftfell – Center of Visual Art in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland Academy of the Arts (IAA)/Reykjavík and Living Art Museum/Reykjavík, with the support of Icelandic Visual Arts FundSÍM/MuggurDVV International/Georgia and European Cultural Foundation.

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