Tbilisi InSights

Tbilisi InSghts

Tbilisi InSights focuses on architecture explored not as a merely functional assemblage of speechless elements which compose inhabited spaces but considering people as the very foundation of architecture, and aims to rethink structures of daily life, set in an inadequate dichotomy of private and public spaces, in the broader context of globalized cities, using Tbilisi as an experimental laboratory to situate and propose possible inputs.

Tbilisi InSights collective consists of four Tbilisi based members: Public Space with a Roof artist Tamuna Chabashvili, anthropologist Data Chigholashvili, architect and Tbilisi Moare researcher Gvantsa Nikolaishvili & artist and Concept and Theory-Tbilisi founder Katharina Stadler.

Tbilisi InSights’ recent projects include a collaboration with AJZ collective in Yerevan, Armenia in spring 2015 and an upcoming publication and discursive exhibition with Onomatopee in Eindhoven, Netherlands in November 2015.

More information on the project here.

The project is implemented by Tbilisi InSights collective, GeoAIR and Concept and Theory – Tbilisi, with the support of Arts Collaboratory and DOEN Foundation.